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International Patient Department

Ghods Hospital

 Policies And Mission


     Qods Hospital is one of the government hospitals of Kermanshah province in Paveh city. This institution was established in 1969 with the aim of improving the public health of Paveh city by providing safe, effective and patient-oriented medical and diagnostic services to all the people of the region. This hospital was renovated in 2018.

üHealth-Centered Hospital/Providing Patients with Quality and Safe Services 

üImplementing Integrated Management System/Updating Medical Equipment

üImplementing National Accreditation Standards/Providing Patients with Quality and Safe Services

üPresence of Experienced Physicians and Committed Personnel/Speed in Service Delivery and Responsiveness


Paveh Hospital has surgical, internal, emergency, gynecological, special, pediatric, surgery rooms and paraclinical units. emergency ward is ready to serve patients with the presence of doctors and specialized services around the clock. Emergency medical personnel include cardiologists, anesthesiologists, pediatrics and emergency medical assistants. This department includes a triage unit and a CPR room in order to rehabilitate the patient with the latest technology.

The surgery rooms include three surgery rooms (general surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, urology and gynecology). The surgery rooms of paveh Hospital are equipped with the most advanced standard equipments and technologies in the world. The patients are given the advanced devices and the latest methods of anesthesia and the use of the advanced medicine in the world and the entire operation is provided with the warning devices that signal the smallest changes for the anesthetist.

CCU has 4 beds and is equipped with the most advanced equipment in this field. Electroshock devices, personal and central monitoring, nurse call system for all patients and special beds, this unit is ready to provide medical and therapeutic services. It also has 4 ICU beds with fully automatic services equipped with advanced monitoring and ventilation.

The surgery department is located on the second floor of the hospital. All patients with different procedures usually go to this unit for surgery and follow-up care.

The internal department is located on the second floor as the internal diagnosis of adult patients with various diseases such as kidney, lung, digestive, endocrine and also patients with neurological diseases.